Paethon's Power In Beowulf

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Beowulf Beowulf is talking to Hrothgar. Telling him all the great deeds he has done. He then asks for a request, to kill the monster that has been terrorizing the mead halls. He then says that he feels that Higlac his king would think less of him if he used his sword against the beast. Beowulf’s power was his lack of fear and his flaw was his overconfidence in his warrior skills. You get respect when you’re a warrior even though your put in high danger all the time. Phaethon A young boy named Phaethon who was son of Apollo was very arrogant. One day a boy named epaphos said that he was son of Zeus. Phaethon did not like this because he loved to boast about being son of Apollo. One day epaphos was fed up with Phaethon and said he
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