Odysseus and His Leadership

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Odysseus and his Leadership Skills Odysseus and his abysmal leadership and decisions are what plunges he and his crew into a downward spiral that leads to death and disappointment. This story of the descent, then rebirth of the hero Odysseus is told in Homer’s epic, The Odyssey. Odysseus shows throughout the novel that he still believes he is the bright, young, and omnipotent miracle worker he was back in the trojan war. However, this mindset is destructive, and incapacitates him. Making Odysseus take every risk he is able to take, whether it’s necessary or not. Odysseus is easily sidetracked and loses focus of his main goal constantly to the point where he can stay in one place for over a year and seems to forget that he has a larger objective in front of him. Every time Odysseus messes up, his crew seems to trust him less and less. Odysseus is obsessed with the fact that he was a war hero in the Trojan war, but doesn’t understand that that time has passed. For example, when Odysseus and his crew go out and pillage the former allies of the trojans like a bunch of pirates. He and his crew in the midst of celebration, are caught off guard by their reinforcements. In the end, Odysseus must retreat back to the boat with a little less men than before. Odysseus and his crew didn’t even need to go and pillage the island, they simply did it because it was there, and the inhabitants were former enemies. And as a result, are pushed back due to their overconfidence. However, this incident is more of a “Odysseus can’t control his men.” moment. One that is completely to the fault of Odysseus unable to “grow up” per se, is the Cyclops island. Odysseus and his crew accidently sail into a cave full of cyclops, but Odysseus comes up with a plan that is pulled off perfectly. That is, until Odysseus is so proud and excited, that he reveals his name to the Cyclops in order

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