The Good and Poor Choices Made by Ulysses

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The Good and Poor Choices Made By Ulysses In the story The Odyssey, the god Neptune is angry with Ulysses because he did not honor Neptune after his victory. Neptune in turn, cursed Ulysses and was not going to let him return home after the Trojan war. Because of this curse, Ulysses had many adventures both while at sea and when he finally arrived home. Ulysses had to make many choices during these adventures, some were good and some were poor. Through these choices, we see Ulysses was able to learn from what he had done and develop into the hero we know him as today. When Ulysses and his crew arrived on the island of Aeoli, we see Ulysses make both good and poor choices. We find that Ulysses has learned how to become a good guest. Even though Ulysses and his crew are eager to make their way home, he does not insult Aeolus and try to rush off to continue his journey. As Ulysses said “Aeolus entertained me for a whole month asking me questions all the time about Troy, the Argive fleet, and the return of the Achaeans. I told him exactly how everything had happened, and when I said I must go, and asked him to further me on my way, he made no sort of difficulty, but set about doing so at once." (Homer 40). Aeolus was the captain over all the winds and gave Ulysses a sack tied tight with a silver thread. Aeolus had put all the winds except the west wind into the sack. This way Ulysses and could no longer be blown off course. When Ulysses brought the sack onto the ship, he said nothing to his crew about the contents. Ulysses steered the ship for nine days and nine nights until Ithaca was on the horizon. Ulysses decides to take a nap and his crew begin to talk. As Ulysses stated "On this the men fell to talking among themselves, and said I was bringing back gold and silver in the sack that Aeolus had given me." (Homer 40). Because Ulysses did not tell his

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