20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

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The novel, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea , is generally about a ship called the Nautilus, who is led by Captain Nemo, which reeks chaos and terror amount the sea. The characters: Dr. Pierre Aronnax, Conseil, and Ned Land are imprisoned in the ship, which is the main conflict in the story. The main character, Aronnax, and the antagonist, Captain Nemo, the main conflict between them is the concept of freedom. Even though Aronnax is fond of the science, he does not approve of the way Captain Nemo attacks and kill innocent people. Captain Nemo is mysterious and paranoid, his hatred for mankind is because of their corruption. “So it was a sad day I spent, between my wish to regain freedom and my regret at saying goodbye to the marvelous Nautilus…” –Aronnax. This quote represents Aronnax’s main conflict, he cannot stay with the Nautilus because he must help his friends, even though he is fascinated by the knowledge he can obtain by the Nautilus. The conflict between Aronnax and Captain Nemo is that Captain Nemo is keeping Aronnax’s friends captives of the ship. The main conflict of Aronnax is that he has to choose between science vs the freedom of his fellow man. The conflict between Aronnax and Captain Nemo effect the characters around them. Aronnax effect his fellow crewman, Ned Land, because Aronnax is too busy using the opportunities that he receives from the Nautilus to study science, while Ned Land prefers to plan a way to successfully escape the Nautilus. Not only does Ned Land want to escape the ship, but also he dislikes the way Captain Nemo kills whales. Ned Land states that he is a hunter, not a butcher. Aronnax also effects his servant, Conseil, because since Aronnax’s actions also effect Conseil’s action because Conseil is a servant that is always loyal and never complains to his master, Aronnax, so whatever Aronnax chooses to do, that action will also have a
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