The Grace That Keeps This World Character Analysis

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Interpreting Literature: The Grace That Keeps This World The Grace That Keeps This World, by Tom Bailey, is an enthralling novel about the Hazen family who lived in Lost Lake their entire lives. In this novel Kevin Hazen, a young nineteen year old, is portrayed as a college student that is rebellious of his father’s way of living. He wants more for his life than a life of survival, that his parents have lived their whole lives. Bailey incorporates a popular Greek tale, the story of a tragic hero written by Greek poet Homer, The Odyssey. Kevin needs to find his place in life, in the world and in his own family; and in finding this he will find his way home. The Odyssey is an ancient tale of a war hero named Odysseus and his journey home. During this journey, Odysseus and his shipmates run into many conflicts that test Odysseus’s…show more content…
Through Kevin, Bailey shows how heroes aren’t always perfect. In The Odyssey, Odysseus wasn’t a perfect hero either. He had character flaws that got him into trouble. A few of Kevin's flaws were very similar to Odysseus's. At one point in the Odyssey, the hero makes the decision to enter the cave of a cyclops despite his crews objections. His pride causes him to ignore his shipmates and it ends up getting him into so much trouble that it makes the cyclops' father, the god of the sea, furious. Since most of Odysseus's journey is made by the sea, this gave the sea god a chance to cause even more trouble for the hero and his crew. Kevin also showed his little streak of pride which gets him into trouble too. When Gary David relayed Gary's message to Kevin about being careful driving the truck over a rut, Kevin responds by hitting the gas as soon as they approached it. This resulted in the load of firewood tumbling off the back of the truck (45). Kevin's pride also keeps him from seeing his dad's point of view throughout most of the

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