Antigone Persuasive Speech Analysis

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Guadalupe Carmona-Padilla Mr.Highison English 4 April 30, 2015 10A Opening Statement Today the gods have so graciously and patiently gathered, as well as you have my dear audience. In order for you to better understand Antigone and her present situation, you must hear of her unfortunate past. Antigone’s father Oedipus, who was also her brother, was unable to cope with his shameful situation, which led him to self-mutilation and deeper misery. Her mother, who was both wife and mother to Oedipus, could not bear the embarrassment and saw it fit to tie her own noose. It was further prophesied that Antigone’s two brothers would die of each other’s hands in battle; upon hearing this Antigone promised her brother Polyneices…show more content…
Why was his spirit tormented and unable to cross the River Styx? Because this King, King Creon, wanted to make a point to his people. The point that he is cruel, unfair, self-centered, pompous, stubborn, and incoherent king, who is not fit to rule. King Creon’s unfounded command is seen in all his actions and decrees. His fickle favor toward his servants, and not to mention his family, proves his inconsistency and instability. Although appointed by the gods, his reign has exposed the abused and misused privilege of representing the gods in his earthly position. King Creon’s irrational edict stated that any man who dares to bury Polyneices would suffer death by stoning. Is it a mere human’s prerogative to determine another man’s eternal fate? Because Antigone had nothing left to live for, while knowing the sentence of stoning, Antigone defied King Creon’s edict in order to fulfill her duty. Bound by her dead brother’s last wish for a proper burial, Antigone could do nothing more than respect and honor spilt family blood. The defendant, Antigone, was also compelled to commit this laudable act by the higher and more demanding laws of heaven. When faced with King Creon’s irrational edict and the edict of morals and the gods, Antigone chose the righteous and selfless

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