The Great White Shark

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Great White Shark is the most fearful predators in the ocean, this animal is known for killing humans and other living things that is in their path. Even though these animals are very feared they are also endangered to being excint. There are only 3,500 Great White Sharks in the world .The great white shark was added to the endangered list because its population has dropped because excessive hunting. The great white shark is not killed by any other predator in the ocean. However, humans have killed a great number of white sharks to get their teeth and jaws for trading and for safety issues. The great white sharks are usually located in shallow water as deep as 1000 meters. great white sharks are also located to the east and west of the US (Florida ,California ,Texas and etc...). South America, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Mediterranean sea, west Africa, Japan and east China have great white sharks too. These predators are cold blooded animals which explains why they are located in the at the shallow part of the ocean where their is hardly sun. great white sharks extinct because of humans are killing this species because of their vicious attacks against us. Human are not in the menu of a shark sometimes surfers float on water and sharks think it is food and attack. In some cases sharks are being extinct because of the enviorment where they lives. Remember they live in water and the water is polluted and that affects them alot because they could die. Water pollution is one of our problems on the earth. SHARK S COULD SICK TOO BECAUSE THE FISH THEY EAT AND THE FISH THEY EAT , EAT TOXINS AND THAT AFFECTS THE SHARKS AS WELL AND DIE. Their aren't any laws or policies of this predator but i think their should be laws . there should be a law if a human uses sharks for food, resources and abuse should get 5 months in jail and maybe

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