Editorial Saving Sharks from the Soup

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Australia should impose a ban on the sale or possession of shark fins. Shark finning is the process by which the shark’s fin is severed to sell for a very large profit to make shark fin soup. The dish has been a traditional East Asian delicacy, symbolic of the rich and powerful, for several hundred years. A single serving can sell for anywhere between 50 to 400 AUD dollars. In recent years, the popularity of shark fin soup has escalated, and the effect on the wild shark population has been disastrous. The global shark population has dropped by 90% in the last 30 years. Shark fins are taken from wild shark population, the dorsal fin of the shark is removed (often while the shark is still alive) and the carcass is abandoned into the sea. This process cannot continue. Sharks play a very important role in the ocean’s ecosystem. They are the ocean’s top predator, and without them, the balance between predator and prey will become very unstable. The rapid reduction of sharks is disrupting the ocean’s equilibrium. Healthy oceans require sharks, and without healthy oceans, healthy fisheries are impossible. But currently are up to 73 million sharks are finned alive every year. As a result of these huge numbers of victims, shark species are considered to be in danger of extinction. Sharks can take up to seven years to reach maturity and only have about one or two “babies” per year, unlike fish, who can lay millions of eggs at a time. This is the biggest reason why sharks are becoming extinct. The practice of shark finning is inhumane; we should never treat mammals in such a cruel manner. Every single day 200,000 sharks are butchered alive for their fins and sometimes their tails. These are hacked off with a knife, and the remaining carcasses are thrown back into the ocean like rubbish. Unable to swim, the shark suffocates and dies a slow painful death. The cruel

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