Major Threats to Endangered Sea Otters

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Major threats causing a decrease in the sea otter (Enhydra lutris) population Introduction: Topic: What we want to find out about the sea otters and why. * Introduce sea otters * Sea otters current IUCN status (Burdin, A. et al, 2011) * List Reasons for endangerment (then talk about in each paragraph): * Habitat requirements * Oil spills- when ingested damages internal organs. * Predator/prey-increasing predator attacks from killer whales. * Over exploitation- get tangled in thin monofilament line gill nets and drown. * Polluted oceans- cat litter dumping toxoplasmosis into oceans. * Diseases-oceans polluted with fatal diseases and fungus causing decline in sea otter population. Paragraph 1: * Describe the sea otters: * Scientific name (Burdin, A. et al, 2011) * Scientific name * Family and Class * Smallest mammal in their family * Size * Color * Shape * Characteristics (camouflage, physical features) * Densest fur coat of any mammal their reddish-brown coat consist of about 100,000 hairs per cm² Paragraph 2: * Habitat requirements * Food-otters diet * Water-temperature of water for survival * Shelter- living locations (Wendell FE et al, 1986) * The importance of kelp beds ( J. A. Estes et al, 1998) * How climate change harms or helps sea otters habitat. Paragraph 3: * Oil spills * Oil Spill causing hypothermia. * Sea otters constantly grooming their fur. * Grooming techniques * The sea otters fur capabilities * Oil spills damaging internal organs * The Exxon Valdez oil spill. (P.D. Boehm et al, 2011) Paragraph 4: * Predator/prey * Increasing cause of Killer Whale * California- great white sharks are sea otters’ primary predators. * Alaska- killer whales eat more sea otters (J. A.

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