"Meg" by Steve Alten

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In accordance with the fundamental scheme format of science fiction novels, Steve Alten, the author of "Meg", has provided a classic, typical conclusion to his novel. In brief, condensing 348 pages into a mere two sentences, "Meg" is about a gigantic species of shark believed to have died out millions of years ago. The whole novel revolves around a hunt for this shark, and it would be almost infantile to mention that in the end the shark is killed by a brave, heroic scientist who has been tracking it down and believed in its existence even when many remained dubious until the terrible Meg (an endearment of Carcharodon Megalodon) actually surfaced from the deep darkness of the Mariana Trench where it had hidden undetected all these years. Yes, the good guy kills the shark and ultimately saves the whole world from being eaten alive. Apart from a small twist in this book (a hungry fifty foot shark) it is safe to declare that Steve Alten's "Meg" is just the same as any other science fiction paperback. In order to save the world, Professor Jonas Taylor, our brave scientist, confronts the Megalodon in a one-man sub. He is quickly swallowed whole along with a couple whales here and there. Once inside Meg's stomach, the professor grabs a five foot long tooth that just happened to be floating around in the shark's belly and pierces through the stomach where it is tangible to the heart. Needless to say, the shark simply refuses to live with a big hole in its heart and dies, pouring gallons of blood into the ocean in the process. The good news is that Jonas Taylor manages to get out of the shark's bloody insides and successfully emerges from the Meg's open mouth. The bad news is that he surfaces too fast and had to be carried away to a recompression chamber immediately if he wanted to live or else he would die of the

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