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I. The Young Man and the Sea Adventure, Realistic Fiction Rodman Philbrick 192 Pages II. In the book The Young Man and the Sea by Rodman Philbrick, Samuel (Skiffy) Beaman tries to raise his father’s sunken fishing boat and then tries to raise the money needed to repair the motor. When his lobster traps are vandalized by a bully, Skiff is desperate to find another source of money. When it seems that all hope is lost, he manages to harpoon a large size tuna and is thrown overboard and nearly drowns. Skiff manages to climb back aboard his small skiff and tow his tuna back to shore, but runs out of gas. His only option is to row the boat back to shore. III. Little Skiff: Active; Strong; Thin; Clever; Gentle Big Skiff: Ignorant; Dramatic; Ironic; Skillful Mr.Woodwell: Hardy; Frail; Truthful; Trustworthy IV. -When Sam sneak s into Mr. Woodwell’s shed, what is he going to take? -What happens to Sam when he notices the barb is attached to the fish? -When Skiff finally catches the tuna how does he feel about it? V. Chapter 22 : Skiff’s Mom : “Don’t give up! Listen to me! Rule Number Three! Never give up! The surface is right above your head! Kick Kick Kick!” VI. I chose this passage because Skiff is thinking about his late mother. He keeps her on his mind throughout all his struggles. My favorite part of the passage is “… Never give up!.” This tells Skiff to keep going on and not to quit. If Skiff hadn’t had his mother on his mind he could’ve died in the water. VII. I would recommend this book to people that like the sea and boats. I never wanted to put the book down so this made me finish it. The book was exciting and you always want to

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