Chapter 3 Analysis/Summary (Blue Skin Of The Sea)

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Chapter three mainly focused on the filming of a movie, this movie was about shark attacks and could be related to the movie “Jaws”. I found this chapter interesting because you see how different growing up in Hawaii in the 1950’s was. Some differences that I have noticed are that you had less supervision and generally there was a lot more you were able to do. For example now a days there would be no way any sane parent would let their eight or nine year old child out on a motorboat by themselves to go try to catch a shark. Also some other difference I noticed was that technology even for that time frame was behind. For example the boys seemed to have no idea about the concept of movie making. And on page 36 it says “Cut! The man in charge called. The people behind us clapped. The old man waved them off and sat back down in the skiff to fan his face again”. The way Sonny explains what is happening seems like he has no clue what was going on and why they are doing the things they do. Another thing that happened in the chapter was Sonny and Keo went to catch a shark to show the director what a real one looks like. The boys set a trap for the shark and waited until the next day to find the buoy twenty feet underwater. Sonny was chosen to retrieve the buoy and while doing that he found a shark on the line. Once the shark was finally caught the boys put a note in every lunch box of the whole film crew in hope of the old man would find the note to come see the shark. The man did not show so the boys let the shark go. This part of the chapter seemed hard to believe, only because of the timing between letting the shark go and when the old man talked to him. I also think that the reason it might be hard to believe is because I couldn’t imagine this happening in the twenty first century. In conclusion chapter three showed me how different life in Hawaii in the 1950’s

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