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The Old Man And The Sea (Man Vs.Nature) Essay

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  • on September 12, 2011
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Below is an essay on "The Old Man And The Sea (Man Vs.Nature)" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In the Old Man and The Sea the irony of man Vs. Nature plays an enormous role. Throughout the story there are many obstacles that, the main character Santiago has to overcome. Santiago an old Cuban fisherman who is a perfectionist when it comes to fishing despite his precise methods, he has no luck at sea. And has many trail and obstacles he has to overcome. From the very first paragraph, Santiago is characterized as someone struggling against defeat. He has gone eighty-four days without catching a fish he will soon pass his own record of eighty-seven days. But the old man refuses defeat at every turn he resolves to sail out beyond the other fishermen to where the biggest fish promise to be. He lands the marlin, tying his record of eighty-seven days after a brutal three-day fight, and he continues to ward off sharks from stealing his prey, even though he knows the battle is useless.
      Since the beginning of the story Santiago has been fight with the ocean of not being able to catch a single fish. Due this his determination and the fact that he needs to fish to survive. To Hemingway, the dignity of a man should be so important to that man, that he is willing to die for it.  Most likely that is the reason Santiago went deep into sea. Throughout this story, the old man cannot accept the fact that he is getting old and that he is slowly losing his strength. He was getting old and things he once did, he no longer could do on several occasions, Santiago would try to talk himself out of his pain. Trying to overcome the conflict the sea was infecting on him.
When Santiago finally catches the Marlin, he is proud of himself.  He is looking forward to showing the boy and the other fishermen that he is still strong. Although when nature fought back he was only a man but felt he was in control. "I must hold his pain where it is, he thought.  Mine does not matter.  I can control mine.  But his pain will drive him mad."  This pain Santiago was enduring was part of his...

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