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Old Man and the Sea Essay

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  • on May 22, 2013
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The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemmingway, shows Hemmingway’s personal beliefs. Hemmingway is an Atheist so he does not believe in a god but believes that everyone should have a craft, which is one’s vocation. With craft come codes, which are the set of rules and one’s   commitment to do your best. This craft then becomes one’s cult. The cult is a substitute for his religion.
The old man was a fisherman and “everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated”.   The old man was very close with nature. He himself is a part of nature because he is an animal, and animals are found in nature. The old man respected nature and held it very highly. He went out to the sea to fish every day and has done so for many years. “During the night two porpoises came around the boat and he could hear them rolling and blowing. He could tell the difference between the blowing noise the male made and the sighing blow of the female”. This shows that he really cares about nature because he realizes how beautiful and sweet the sounds of the whales are.   There is also a cruel side of nature as well compared to the beautiful side. The cruel side that shows in this book is the sharks.   The sharks come up from the bottom of the sea when the old man is washing the blood off his hands in the sea. The shark smells the blood comes up and attacks the marlin taking a huge chunk of flesh out of the marlin.
"Que va." the boy said. "There are many good fishermen and some great ones. But there is only you”. This shows how much respect the boy has for the old man. Even though his mother would not let him go fishing with the old man anymore because he had not caught fish in a long time he still wished to stay loyal to the old man. Not only did the boy’s mother lose faith in the old man, so did all the other fisherman in the village. The boy had such great respect that when the old man was recovering from the marlin catch he went...

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