Shark-Fin Soup Essay

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Noedlene Pierre Professor Martinez September 28, 2010 EC1 ESL KILLER CUISINE In the article “Killer Cuisine,” author Krista Mahr speaks about the most uncommon and luxurious dish in Hong Kong, known as the shark-fin soup. Shark-fin soup gets its flavor mainly from the broth; the bland-tasting fin, sliced into noodle-like strips, and can cost up to one-hundred dollars a bowl. Mahr argues that the shark-fin soup should be banned and questions the importance of the soup ritual. Shark-fin soup is common at any big Chinese banquet; it is a representation of glamour and status, but is also the key reason why there are threats to our increasingly fragile ecosystem, cruelty in shark poaching, and why sharks are plummeting around the world. Like all animals, sharks are an important part of the ecosystem, without them the entire ecosystem will collapse. “Each year, up to 73 million sharks are killed for their fins, despite the fact that 30% of shark species are threatened or nearly threatened with extinction” (Krista Mahr). With fewer sharks existing in the ecosystem, their prey would multiply and become over populated and eventually wipe out other species. This occurrence will have an immense impact on many communities that rely on healthy fisheries. Shark poaching is a big concern because it affects the future of sharks and their place of living. Poaching is the process where people get rich by catching sharks on long lines, cutting their fins off, and then dumping the remaining body of the shark back into the ocean to suffocate and bleed to death. Shark poachers seek financial gain and at times religious value, however, by doing so they fail to realize the negative impact that their actions have on the environment and the shark species. “Sharks have made it through multiple mass extinctions on our planet, now many species are going to go the way of the

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