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Rites of Passages People throughout the world have heightened emotions during times of major life changes. These stressful changes may be physiological or social in nature. They are usually connected with personal transitions between important stages that occur during our lives. These transitions are generally emotionally charged--they are life crises. Most cultures consider the important transitions to be birth, the onset of puberty, marriage, life threatening illness or injury, and finally death. Graduation from school, divorce, and retirement at the end of a work life are also major transitions in modern large-scale societies. What rites of passages do you fell under in life? American Rites of Passages. The concept of the “Rite of Passage” is seen in all cultures. It’s a universal mark indicative of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood in order to be accepted in a social group. Today we dig deep into some of the most horrific rites of passage in modern times and compare them to a range of rites in the US. None of them seem to rival “Hunger Games”, but they definitely are unique. The Faroe Islands in Denmark is the place where youths celebrate an annual bloodbath killing pilot whales (known as Calderon dolphins) in a bay of blood to celebrate their entry into adulthood. A horrible practice, indeed! Faroe Islands is an autonomous protectorate of Denmark, meaning they operate under some Danish laws and defense. Youths living in the Faroe Islands mark their passage into adulthood by hacking the flesh of gentle living dolphins until the sea turns red with blood as they die thrashing about in agony. Then the humans cannibalize their cetacean sisters and brothers. Danish officials point out that the Faroe Islands are an atomies region within the Kingdom of Denmark and their fisheries and maritime affairs are not under Danish control. The story of boys

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