Qualities Of Odysseus In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Writing Assignment What positive and negative qualities of Odysseus’ character are revealed by his behavior in the land of the Cyclopes? Odysseus shows first that is stubborn by lingering too long on the island. However, by getting Polyphemus drunk and saying his name is Nobody, Odysseus shows that he is both crafty and brave. Why Odysseus insists on seeing the Cyclops in the first place? His curiosity got the better of him. Why Odysseus taunts Polyphemus and reveals his real name as he sails away? When Odysseus is sailing away, he reveals his true name while taunting the Cyclops Polyphemus. This proves to be a poor choice that ends up coming back to haunt him later. The name Odysseus originally gives the Cyclops is 'Noman'…show more content…
He killed the suitors for ravaging the land that he built himself. Ithaca meant so much to him that he spent decades trying to return to that glorious place. Odysseus's servants in Ithaca loved Odysseus and marveled at his arrival. Eumaios, the swine herd, and Eurykleia, the nurse, both referred to him as master and were loyal to him. It is obvious that they very dearly held him in their hearts, and were overjoyed to see him again after so long. Home is the place that everyone looks to for comfort. It is where people can find the ones they love, and the ones that love them. In Odysseus's case, his home was on Ithaca. Nothing could stop him, or Penelope and Telemakhos, from all of them reuniting with each other once more. The odyssey is both Odysseus’s adventure story more of literal survival but also of emotional survival. Odysseus shows many personalities of himself including, humility, hatred, anger, love, stupidity, cowardly, bravery, unfaithfulness, and reasonable, but compassion is one personality that is missing in this interesting man. Odysseus does many things in order to live through his adventure home. Throughout attempting to survive this adventure, he is also thinking about his wife and son and what could possibly be happening in his hometown but doesn’t really show that side because he does not seem like a very compassionate

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