The Characteristics of Gilgamesh

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Gilgamesh tells the story of an ancient ruler and his quest for immortality. The main character, Gilgamesh first meets another creature, Enkidu in a city called Uruk, and the two become friends. First, Gilgamesh defeats the beastly character Humbaba with a thrust of a sword into his neck. After that, Enkidu confesses of what he has done and dies. During the story of the flood Gilgamesh must tear down his house and build a boat. In the end Gilgamesh undergoes a paradigm shift after his friend dies and faces a test in character. Gilgamesh possesses many different qualities. He’s brave, and very determined, this make him a hero. However he struggles with arrogance. The leader of Uruk demonstrates a courageous quality in his battle with Humbaba. For instance, Gilgamesh goes to the cedar forest to get the important materials needed to build a wall for his city. This shows his fearlessness to provide and protect his city. Gilgamesh said, “but immolation and sacrifice are not yet for me, the boat of the dead shall not go down, nor the three-ply cloth be cut for my shrouding. Not yet will my people be desolate, nor the pyre be lit in my house...” This shows that Gilgamesh was brave enough to care about the people in his city. This is because he wanted to keep the big monster out. In addition, when gilgamesh defats the monster Humbaba he shows great courage. Furthermore, bringing out an ax to kill a monster much bigger than you takes skill. “He took the ax in his hand, he drew the sword from his belt, and he struck Humbaba with a thrust in the neck...”This shows that Gilgamesh was not scared to kill his enemy. This is because he did not listen to Enkidu’s advice. As a result, Gilgamesh shows how courageous he really is and proves to the city how fearless he was with
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