Odysseus A Hero Analysis

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A hero is someone who will risk his life to protect others. A hero is brave, courageous and strong. Yet a hero also has weaknesses. Odysseus is a hero that has to leave his family to fight in the Trojan War, he has a clever idea and with the help of a god, the war ended. However, he insults Poseidon because he didn’t say thanks to him. Poseidon curses him and tells him he will never see his home again. Odysseus faces many dangers and hardships throughout, The Odyssey, An epic poem by Homer. Odysseus is only a hero because he has both human weaknesses and super human strengths. Odysseus is a hero because he has human weakness to overcome which makes his heroism impressive. For example, when Odysseus is stuck on Ogygia, calypsos…show more content…
Despite his strengths he also has weaknesses. Odysseus is a hero because he has super human strengths and intelligence. For example, he is walking through the dark corridors he says “ from every side they [come] and find the pit with rustling cries and [he] [grows] sick with fear” (676). Odysseus proves his strengths by over coming his fears. He has the strength and courage to over come any obstacle. Also, when Odysseus and his men are about to face Charybdis and Scylla he pep talks his men and says, “have we never been in danger before this? What power he had! Did I not keep my nerve and use my wits to find a way out for us?”(682). He is strong because he is able to and control of his crew in dangerous situations and make them calm. Odysseus is a true hero. Odysseus made stupid mistakes and bad judgements. However, he is strong, clever, and intelligent. A hero is someone you can bet your life on and know that they will have your back whatever happens. Odysseus saves his men in the cyclops’ cave, and rescued his men from becoming animals for eternity. Odysseus is a hero because he has both super human strengths and human

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