Achilles Hero: The Iliad The Great Greek Hero

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Jessen1 Ben Jessen Mr. Bradley Honors History/ English October 17, 2008 Achilles Hero Essay In ancient literature, every story has a hero whether politically, militarily or intellectually. In Homer’s classic the Iliad the great Greek hero is Achilles. Agamemnon, the commander in chief of the whole Greek army, namely because he has the most soldiers, and Achilles have captured war brides that they brought back with them, when Agamemnon is forced to give his back to her father. Agamemnon taking Achilles war bride, who he truly loves, severely hurt Achilles pride, so much that he would not fight for the Greeks. By concentrating on his own path to glory Achilles becomes a Greek hero with his own glorious shortcoming. Achilles…show more content…
Also, you need to understand that they are still fighting for Helen. Since Agamemnon was fighting the Trojan War, he needed Achilles but he didn’t figure that out until the very end. Achilles, still angered by Agamemnon’s arrogance, says “Order other people about… I shall not obey any longer” (Homer 366-367). Here is another example of the “pride issue” where Agamemnon’s arrogance is an obstacle for Achilles pride. The “I shall not obey longer” speech is Achilles way of telling Agamemnon that he refuses to fight for him. Agamemnon thinks that he can do anything he wants and it feels that way too in the reading, but he can’t. The Greek conqueror does not like it when other people get in the way of his…show more content…
First off he raised the bar for rage. Since Agamemnon is the king of all kings of Greece he technically has a right to plunder Brisies away from Achilles. But that does not give him the right to openly mock Achilles and then be sympathetic and say that his honor never was up there with Achilles, which is just saying that honor doesn’t matter. Achilles, boiling like a pot, is just shaking with anger at Agamemnon when he says “Agamemnon may rue his blindness in offering insult to the foremost of the Achaeans” (Homer page). Wow I feel for Achilles I was mad at my brother and it takes me forever to forget about it, just like Achilles. Achilles is bold for standing up to Agamemnon like that. Blindness infers weakness to some people, and that’s what I think Achilles meant is that he sees his weakness which is that he sees things when there here happening now but that he cannot trust anyone or see into the future himself. When the foremost Greek hero sees his avenue to greatness he then realizes that it is too late to do anything about

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