Who Was Beowulf A Failure?

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Davelle Price August 24, 2011 Who is Beowulf? He was the greatest warrior of them all. Was he a failure? Not once in his life, he made sure his people were safe. Is he dependable? Always, not once have he ever let anyone down. Bravery, strength, and sense of wisdom are characteristics of Beowulf. If you thought Superman and Batman were strong, then you haven’t seen Beowulf yet. No one can compare to him or his strength. Which hero you know that can rip a monster, named Grendel, arm off with their bare hands. Kill the monsters’ mother by cutting her head off. And that’s not even all. They were underwater at that when he cut her head off with a sword made by giants. Then he swam up out the ocean with her head. Need I remind you that this monster is ninety time bigger than him. Then…show more content…
I know I couldn’t but I guess that’s where bravery kicks in for this well-known hero name Beowulf. Beowulf is very wise and i stick with my statement because he thinks before he talk or do anything. Like with Grendel, the whole entire land of the kings’ men was trying their hardest to kill him. But Beowulf stayed up all and analyzed Grendel as he killed one the men. He prepared for every fight thoroughly. If Beowulf didn’t do any of these things, he would be just like the rest of the men who tried to kill Grendel. Who knows what the land would be like if there was never a Beowulf. You say Superman is the best I would tell you Beowulf. If you say Hulk was the strongest I would tell you to put him up against Beowulf. If you told me Captain America was the best hero id tell you Beowulf the best, yes indeed. No one can compare to Beowulf supernatural strength, wisdom or bravery. He was loved by some and hated by many. He did his time and that was plenty. Killed the monster, slayed the dragon, impressed the people kind of like a captain. He had his time and it was the best, Wiglaf is king and Beowulf was laid to

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