Beowulf, Epic Hero?

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Beowulf – An epic hero? After reading Burton Raffel’s translation of Beowulf, it is portrayed that the lead character was an incredible epic hero. Even though Beowulf is known for his great strength, he has other traits that make him so fantastic. Our character did many good things and many bad things. Some of which were acts of bravery. Others were because he wanted to prove himself. Therefore making him very arrogant. Lastly, he did many things to make him a traveler. This paper will tell examples and reasoning of why Beowulf is all of these things. An epic hero is one that stands out among all the rest. Even after hearing many stories of Grendel’s wrath, he still planned to fight the best without any hesitation. The reader would believe this is an example of a very brave fighter. Beowulf shows his abilities and proves brave enough as he resolves to kill the “lady monster”, (excerpt page 40). The kind of bravery that Beowulf shows is one that could keep him from quitting at a time when almost all others would. For example, when he fights after swimming for days and days. A brave fighter shows characteristics that only ones like him show. If one is brave, they’re generally arrogant. Beowulf was very arrogant, in that he is constantly saying he’s the strongest man alive and that no man’s strength is a match for his. Being boastful is a strong suit of an epic hero. If one thinks or knows they can do something, it gives them the determination and drive it takes to get the job done. Beowulf brags about his many, many battles, even in his later years. Beowulf was not only a brave, arrogant fighter, but he was also a traveler. An epic hero is one that is prepared at all times to do as commanded. “So Beowulf chose the mightiest men he could find, the bravest and best of the Geats, fourteen in all and led them down to their boat; he knew the sea, would point the

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