Similarities Between Gilgamesh And Enkidu

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The battle of heroes: Gilgamesh and Enkidu Legends appear to have one key role of understanding life’s confusion and battles from the beginning of time immemorial. From these legends, we find a hero. Many stories talk about these heroes and the journeys they embark to lay down their plot line. By having courage, strength, talent, bravery and significant admiration, they often succeed and overcome the struggle they face during their journeys. Gilgamesh and Enkidu are two powerful figures in the “Epic of Gilgamesh” story. Although Enkidu displays a lot of heroism in the book, Gilgamesh possesses qualities of a true hero. Gilgamesh, as arrogant as he is, as a king of Uruk shows selflessness toward Enkidu who becomes his friend. Gilgamesh…show more content…
Through this he overcomes his fear and come out strong which makes writers consider him as a hero. He embarks on a journey to the forest with Enkidu where he, Gilgamesh was gripped with fear. Enkidu said to him, “Follow me for I know the place where Humbaba lives and the paths he walks…Here is no cause for fear” (p. 76). He kills Humbaba in the forest with the help of Enkidu. Although Enkidu suggests they do not kill Humbaba, his passion for glory for him pushes them to kill the creature. Gilgamesh rejects Enkidu’s plea not to kill Humbaba. He answers Enkidu to aid him and he will also help him because he does not want to leave his country devastated as it is (p.80). By killing Humbaba, it proves that Gilgamesh had no fear and is ready to fight any obstacle that comes between him and his journey to…show more content…
He is the complete opposite to Gilgamesh. While Gilgamesh seeks to be divine and seeks for immortality, Enkidu seeks to support his friend and his ideas through life. He aids Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba even though Gilgamesh is in the state of fear. He dies instead of Gilgamesh after the killing of the creature. This is where the thought of this famous quote comes into mind, “a good friend who can find” and some friends are more than brothers and sisters. Enkidu works not for his fame but to make sure Gilgamesh succeeds. Moreover, Gilgamesh’s egos and his stern energy help him to come out as a true hero. His destruction of the Humbaba and his other creatures on his way to the forest shows how much energy and strong he is because they are the only people who are able to cross the ocean. Only a giant and a strong-willed person can go through huge mountains and face wraths of the oceans, forest and conquer them all. That is what heroes do in life. They go through struggles and come out very strong. To conclude, Enkidu can be considered as a hero but Gilgamesh’s actions, his works contradicts that of Enkidu’s which makes many writers and readers proclaim Gilgamesh as the true hero in the story. Heroes do extraordinary things on their journeys to be crown as one. Gilgamesh faces many obstacles along his journey to find eternity for his own life. Through it all,

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