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Beowulf What does it mean to be considered an Anglo-Saxon hero? Anyone who was an Anglo- Saxon warrior was also considered an Anglo-Saxon hero. In the Anglo-Saxon times it was crucial to live by the Anglo-Saxon code. This epic poem Beowulf was passed down orally, generation to generation and has no known author. This epic poem illustrates the journey and hardship of one Anglo-Saxon warrior named Beowulf, who because of his journey became known as one of the respected heroes of the Anglo-Saxon times. Throughout his journey, Beowulf stumbled upon endless battles with ferocious monster trying to terrorize his king and kingdom. Beowulf was one to never give up on anything or anyone no matter the circumstances. Beowulf is an authentic hero according to the code of Anglo-Saxon times because he is courageous, loyal, and determined.…show more content…
A warrior’s courage and respect is what gives him power with others and in himself during current and pass times. Beowulf is always courageous, “Whether he is fighting sea monsters, Grendel’s mother or humble fire breathing dragons, Beowulf shows that the courage and strength should be an inspiration to all heroes” (Garcia). This quote illustrates the seriously dangerous task and battles Beowulf had to face and how all these achievements may be an inspiration to all warriors of his time and fore after to follow in his footsteps. Therefore, one can conclude that if anyone may follow in the footsteps of Beowulf they may also too be considered a courageous hero. Warriors had to be willing to anything to show their courage, to prove themselves to be able to be seen as a true Anglo-Saxon hero. Beowulf definitely lived by this, “Warriors had to be willing to face any odds and fight to the death for their glory and their people” (Probst). This quote shows the grave lengths warriors would go to be able to have the nobility to be called an Anglo-Saxon

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