Compare And Contrast Beowulf And King Arthur

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A hero has many qualities, powers, and achievements. In the stories of Beowulf and King Arthur, these heroes are similar in many ways, but they are different in other ways. A great hero is someone who is rare, has great values, and has good characteristic traits like; bravery, courage, and selflessness. So, who is the greater hero, Beowulf or Arthur? Beowulf is seen as a strong hero that conquers the evils with his sheer strength. He does not fight with an army. He slays evil demons with nothing but his bare hands. He left his homeland to help the Danish people with the human eating monster, Grendel. He shows his confidence in his fighting abilities by fighting Grendel unarmed. Beowulf feels that it is unfair if he fights Grendel with weapons, when Grendel did not have any. He wanted the fight to be an even match. He also defeated the dragon that ravaged his kingdom (Rosenberg)weaponless. He was a physically superior hero. For…show more content…
He lead his army and fought against other troops. He had an extraordinary sword, Excalibur. He had great trust in his sword. His dependence of weapons was his weakness. Arthur and his men depend on each other to survive. Arthur and his army remain as a unit until the end of the battle. They fight against other armies that are trying to take over their kingdom. Arthur rides into battle to rid of an evil knight for his people. Beowulf and Arthur were both brave, had strength, helped the underprivileged, and had great leadership. They were both kings. They both risk themselves in battle for the greater good. They both strive for the respect from the people they protect and for love. They both show the characteristic of being fearless when faced with death. Even though they have different fighting tactics, they both fight to better society and defend a group of people. Neither is willing to back down from a challenge. Even if it meant their lives, they both gave it all they got to

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