Alexander The Great: The Most Heroic Hero

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During the age of classical Greece, there was an emergence of three heroic figures. Alexander the Great was a fierce leader who obtained many military achievements during his reign. His charismatic personality and tactical mind also helped him to become an outstanding political leader. Furthermore, he left behind a legacy that influenced the course of history and helped to shape the world today. He was also a more heroic leader than either Hannibal of Julius Caesar, due to their vicious and uninspired tactics. Alexander the Great was by far the most heroic and event-making individual of his time and was unparalleled in his achievements. Alexander was an established military leader who achieved many conquests during his time in power. He was…show more content…
Throughout his entire life, he had a very charismatic personality. This helped him to succeed in inspiring and motivating his men. Having the respect of his soldiers helped him to become a favourable political leader that people were able to look up to and admire.In addition, Alexander was a very strategic individual. It was due to this that he managed to create many effective military positions. This played a big role in his many victories, as he was able to win battles against the other leaders who did not have equally adequate positions. He also faced all the same hardships as his men by fighting in the battles alongside them. He once reminded them that all of them, including him, had “shared the labour and shared the danger”. This made him more heroic and trustworthy to his men, as it showed that he was not only prepared to risk their lives, but his as well. Likewise, Alexander was full of ambition as a leader. This trait was one of the main reasons he was able to conquer so many lands during his time in power. His determination ensured that he let nothing and no one stand in his way when he had something to achieve. Overall, Alexander the Great’s strategic mind and influence over his people led to him being the greatest political leader of his…show more content…
Alexander himself expected that he would be remembered after his death. He once said to his soldiers that “Hardship and danger are the price of glory, and that sweet is the savour of a life of courage and of deathless renown beyond the grave”. He was aware that his actions were so great that they would continue to have an impact even when he was no longer alive. Additionally, Alexander affected the way people after his time strategized in regards to military techniques. He developed military tactics that were used many years after his reign, and helped to shape war today. People still remember Alexander the Great and the astounding impact he had on war and the way it was fought. He also successfully constructed many new landmarks in his time. He built new cities and ports that increased international trade, any of which are still around today. This influenced people’s lives through the generations because the trade brought many new customs and traditions to countries that were previously unaware of them, and the cities he created are still remembered and inhabited today. Furthermore, during his time in power, Alexander established the way the world would be run for centuries after his death. His actions led to world civilizations being dominated by western societies. The Greek culture he spread throughout much of the known world remained long after he did and helped

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