George Washington’s Role in the American Revolution

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George Washington played a prominent role in changing American history. He was appointed the job of commanding the Continental Army in the war against the British. Washington had previous knowledge about geography which contributed too many of his successes. He also used unique war tactics that surprised his enemy. Through even the hardest times of war, he never lost sight of the freedom he was chasing for himself and every American citizen. With his brave spirit and courageous skill on and of the battlefield, he led America to one of the most important victories in our history. When General Braddock asked George to accept his commission as Commander of the Continental Army, there was no hesitation. Washington was chosen for his talents in land surveying, which gave them an advantage over the British, and his brilliant skill as a unifying leader. He always had an uplifting attitude toward with his soldiers so they would not get discouraged in this long fight for freedom. He held the country together through these dark times. These attributes made him the perfect general for this American army. Over the course of these next eight years in war, he would become one the biggest inspirational figures in his time. In June of 1775, Washington was assigned one of his first tasks as commander. The Massachusetts Minutemen tracked down the British forces in Concord, Massachusetts where he took them back to the harbor. George was assigned to leave for New England and take over the militia that had captured the British in Boston. Being the structured commander he was, Washington quickly organized the army into a balanced union. The British realized their compromised position and knew they were not fit to attack the American army at this time so they retreated in attempts to save a chance at fighting them another day. The next campaign of the British attacks was a few weeks
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