Was Napoleon a Genius

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Was Napoleon a Genius? Napoleon has many accomplishments in his life. He Graduated top of his military class and became a French lieutenant at age 16. Even at a young age he was seen organizing people during snowball fights, you could tell there was a future great leader in him. He created the Napoleonic Code which is still seen in today’s civil tradition. He won many battles with a tired, depleted army. He was able to instil courage into his soldiers and emerge victorious against the odds. The only issue is that he had a large ego that he had to fulfil which led to his fall. He didn’t revolutionize warfare itself he merely perfected the traditional way of doing it. He took a form of punishment and a way out for criminals and the very poor and turned it into an honourable career. Criminals and poor people could obtain wealth and status in the army. A lowly drummer boy could make his way through the ranks and become a commanding officer if he showed he was worthy of it. Ribbons with a medal were handed out to battle veterans that proved themselves useful in battle. A cheap and easy gift, but it boosted the moral of the men and made them want to fight harder for the approval of ‘the little colonel’. He was at the top of his game during the battle of Austerlitz and his tactics were superior to all other armies. He made his soldiers fearless. Told them they must march straight and never break ranks because psychologically it would discourage the opposing army when they see their opponent walking straight through the battle field with bullets flying past them. They were taught to reload their muskets calmly and never to rush. This was pounded into their heads by countless days of practice. He refused to do battle any other way and in the end this became his downfall. While the military world around him advanced and change, he continued to do business the same way as
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