To What Extent Can Napoleon Be Called the God of War?

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How far is it accurate to call Napoleon the God of war? Firstly I would like to define the term God of war. The term god of war, refers to Greek mythology. Ares the son of Zeus and Hera was the God of war. The term derived from Ares pleasure and delight, but as well his incredible skills in war. Ares, is nothing but the personification of bold force and strength, and not so much the god of war as of its tumult, confusion, and horrors. Carl von Clausewitz called Napoleon the “god of war”. The quote “god of war” coming from Clausewitz`s book “on war”, is in my opinion quite accurate, regarding Napoleons tactical and motivational skills. Because of those Napoleon can be seen as one of the greatest Generals that ever lived. If you look at the historical meaning, I think it it more debatable. Napoleon is without doubt one of the greatest leaders in military history, his skill as a general both tactically and strategically is without question, his rise to power astounding. Few men in history have had such an impact on world history and he easily ranks along side such leaders as Alexander the Great and Hannibal. Like those leaders he was an authoritarian leader and a dictator whose skill was matched by his ambition, one of those who did not know when the possible ended and the impossible began. He was a ruthless person and would tolerate no argument, which produced a cadre of Marshals capable of carrying out orders well but having never learnt to think and act for them. This was to prove disastrous as at Waterloo and in the later stages of the Napoleonic wars. Wellington said that a wave of Napoleon hat was worth 40,000 men on the battlefield but he was just one man who could not be everywhere at once, as the Empire was faced with war on several fronts, Napoleon could not be everywhere. Napoleon was a tremendous innovator and administrator. His skill with
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