Discuss the Role of Abraham Lincoln as a Wartime President

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Abraham Lincoln Came into presidency with a lot on his plate, he wanted to reunite the north and the south and to put in place the emancipation proclamation. He knew what was good for the union and had his own opinion on slavery which was against it. Lincoln was fighting for a new birth of freedom not just reuniting the union. The south depended on slaves on the plantation, that’s how they were maintaining since they did not have to pay the slaves. The North with all the industrial business had a total different way of life and can see how they totally disagreed with the way slaves were being used and treated. As said in political objective section Lincoln wanted a military victory prior to announcing the emancipation proclamation because he knew it would cause many more problems. Lincoln’s impatience and no military experience did render him from making better decisions which could have ended the war earlier and with less deaths and injuries. With the north controlling most of the railroads and weapons they had a huge advantage over the south, if he could have been a little more patient and trained his men properly could also have ended this much earlier. With the number of personnel the rebels had vs union was little to none, they held off the north by smart tactics of well-trained officers. It should have been much easier battle based on the advantages he had at hand. I don’t know if the outcome would have been different had not Stonewell Jackson died, from my prospective he must have been a man who was looked up to with his military experience and victories. Once Lee and Davis surrendered and went home in peace it lifted much worry and weight off Lincoln’s shoulders. Over all I do think that Lincoln was overall the driving force who drove the country to unity once again, Could he have done better I do believe so. I can’t give any specifics on how he could have
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