Why North America Won Civil War

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Why North Won the Civil War The American Civil War was fought between the North and the South from 1861-1865 because South wanted to secede from the North. The North was better equipped than the South, with the resources necessary to be successful in a long term war like the Civil War. The Union’s economy was stronger than the South’s, boasting of resources that Confederacy had no means of attaining. North had larger population than the South that was a potential source of military enlistees. So, there were not enough people to fight for the South in the War. Although the South had excellent commanders like Lee, it lacked the number of factories and industries in order to produce the needed War materials. Therefore, the North won the American Civil War because of their strong economy, their superiority in military and political leadership, the Confederate’s loss of will to win the War, South’s failure to use the resources properly, and some strategies that were formulated by North’s commanders to defeat the South. The secession of the South from the Union led the Civil War between these two brotherly states. Lincoln’s election as a president in 1860 triggered the Southerners decision to secede believing that Lincoln would restrict their rights to own slaves. Archer Jones said, “Fearful of the intentions toward slavery of the first republican administration, seven deep Southern states form a new government, the Confederate States of America” (1). When the South fired upon the federal troops stationed at Fort Sumter, in Charlestown, South Carolina, this event led Lincoln to act against rebels and that’s how began a costly four year struggle(1-2). Although several Confederate victories were scored during the early years of the War, South had to eventually lose the War in front of the richest state, North..
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