To What Extent Was the American Civil War Effective?

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The American Civil war To what extent was the American Civil War effective? Melissa Horacek – Year Eleven Modern History Melissa Horacek – Year Eleven Modern History The Civil War, is a war between civilians, began due to the fear of the abolishment of slavery. Its purpose for the South was to continue slavery, while the North fought for the abolishment of slavery. When the United States was established by colonists and a constitution was created, the constitution did not abolish slavery, but incorporated compromises made by the men who crafted it. Some, especially Northerners who didn’t really adopt slavery had little slaves living there, apposed slavery, they were referred to as Abolitionists. Many Southerners supported slavery and believed the economy would collapse if slavery were to be abolished. The slavery issue remained and caused constant conflict between states. Few Southerners owned slaves, but those who did controlled the economy and governments of the Southern states. Some slaves were treated badly and suffered through many hardships, some were whipped and most were deprived of an education. Abolitionists believed it was wrong to enslave a person, majority of Abolitionists lived in the North with only a few in the South. Abolitionists published antislavery newspapers, books, made speeches and entered politics to fight for the abolition of slavery. They also set up underground railroad systems to help runaway slaves escape to Northern states or to Canada. Abolitionists faced bitter and violent opposition in both the North and South. The Civil War began due to the tension between the North and South, and only escalated after Lincoln’s election, as some feared he would restrict or end slavery. Lincoln delivered the “House Divided Speech” in Springfield, Illinois, on June 16th 1858, “I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave
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