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Why were the fugitive slave laws strengthened in the 1850’s and how did they differ from the past? In the 1850’s the upper south states were losing a lot of their slaves because an increasing amount of them continued to run away. States such as Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky had this so called “frustrating issue.” Leading to the fugitive slave laws from the year 1793 to be strengthened. The laws of 1793 gave slave owners to go out and get their slaves that had ran away to other states. Escaped slaves had no rights, this included no right to a trial, no right to testify, and no guarantee of the legal requirement that a person brought before a court and not imprisoned illegally. Slaver owners saw this law to be weak to overpower the Underground…show more content…
Her hatred toward slavery led her to writing the book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This book depicted slavery’s cruelty, inhumanity and the impact that it has on the families lives. The characters in this book portrayed the life of real slaves and the struggles they went through. Poor old Uncle Tom was beat until he died. This was something that happen to many slaves when they were being punished and it may have been just because they were working to slow. “Uncle Tom” became an insult, conjuring an image of an old black man eager to please his white masters and happy to accept his own position of inferiority. Such things made northern furious and brought them to tears and slavery more emotional to people who had considered it a distant system of labor. They had begun to realize that this distant system of labor was exploiting the black race. But for those who were for slavery were also infuriated because it was supposedly a false depiction of slavery. These were people who lived in the south and they felt as if the author did not have adequate knowledge of how slavery was in the south because she had never visited. To their knowledge Stowe had gotten most of her information from the South’s newspapers. Therefore they had published articles about incidents that had involved the cruelty committed to slaves in the

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