Why Was The Civil War Fought

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Why was the Civil War really fought???? It is a commonly held view that President Lincoln fought the Civil War to free the slaves. Based on the video, in depth reading, and what we have gone through so far in class I must ultimately refute this assertion. Around the years of 1850 to 1861 the division of the north and south proved to be unstable as to leading to four years of bloodshed. During this time 11 southern slave states seceded from the United States and formed the Confederacy, witch fought against all states allowing slavery (free states) known as the Union. Although slavery was an attribute to the cause of the Civil War, it was not as simplistic as to just freeing the slaves. However there were more reasons that led to this grave battle like secession, as the War between the States emerged over tensions due to industrialization, state and federal rights, slave and non-slave provisions, and the election of Abraham Lincoln. During this time the North had a diverse and fast growing economy based on industry, mining, commerce and transportation like the railroad, with a large and growing population without the use of slavery north of the border states. However the South was driven by a workforce that thrived off the plantation system, which was basically the use of slaves. The South also had fewer large cities, and little manufacturing except in border areas. As can be imagined northern population was growing much more quickly than the Southern population, which made it very difficult for the South to continue to influence the government as it did. By the time of the 1860 election, the heavily agricultural Southern states as a whole had fewer Electoral College votes than the quickly industrializing Northern states. Given this Lincoln was able to win the Presidential Election of 1860 without even being on the ballot in Southern states. Southerners
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