Significance Of American Revolution Essay

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Significance of American Revolution “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” — Thomas Paine Period of American Revolution is a equally very important and disturbing. During this time every aspect of American life was significantly impacted by the Revolution. A new definition of liberty was born, which served a guiding principle for every future change. America was long before considered a symbol of freedom and a refuge from tyranny. According to the words of Virginia Leader James Madison, it was “the workshop of liberty to the Civilized World156. ” However, in Britain, as well as in its colonies, inequality was fundamental to a social order. The revolution challenged it in many…show more content…
Some five thousand blacks enlisted in state militia and the navy . While some slaves were able to gain their freedom by fighting for Americans, yet more of them obtained their liberty from Britain. The Revolution inspired widespread hopes that slavery could be removed from American life. Freedom was defined as a universal right while demanding independence from Britain. Therefore, slaves demanded leaders of the revolution to follow their self proclaimed creed and abolish slavery. Due to the American Revolution many slaves had not only gained their freedom but well challenged the question of slavery in America. Period of American Revolution is extremely significant in American history. During these times young country went through many changes that forever impacted her history. It is hard to overestimate the effects of on a political, social, economic life of every citizen. Despite many critics arguing whether American Revolution affected slavery, it is obvious that many slaves were able not only gain freedom but also challenge such a fundamental question of slavery. Without any doubts, American Revolution had significantly impacted
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