How the North Won the Civil War

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The American Civil War militarily and politically won by the Union, however socially it can be argued that the South won the war. The North was able to defeat the South in the war and preserve the United States as a country but not much changed after the war for over 80 years. I agree that the South was able to preserve most of their way of life minus the actual ownership of the slaves even though they lost the military war. The North was able to use its manufacturing, trade and number of troops to defeat the South. During the 1800’s over eighty percent of the Unite State’s manufacturing capacity was in the North, this allowed the Union to produce far more in the way of war material than the Confederacy. The Union was able to blockade the southern ports cutting off trade with Europe during the war, while confederate raiders were able to greatly damage the Union shipping fleet the Union just shifted their trade over to foreign flagged ships which the raiders could not attack without risking another war. It is interesting to note that the Union “blockaded” the Confederate ports in name only and that England did not say that the North had to actually blockade the ports the way the United States had in wars past. This is because England wanted to be able to blockade in a later war without having to have ships in all the harbors. The North also had more able bodied men than the south allowing it to raise a larger and better equipped army, if not as well a trained army. A larger army, trade, and manufacturing all contributed to the Union’s overwhelming military victory in the civil war. Politically President Lincoln said that he was only going to war to save the Union. President Lincoln believed that the United States Constitution did not give him the power to free slaves, it did give him power to preserve the Union. He only issued the Emancipation Proclamation
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