How Far Do You Agree Rthe Bolsheviks Won the Civil War

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How far do you agree that the Bolsheviks won the civil war of 1918-1921 because they controlled more people and had access to more weapons? I believe that the Bolsheviks winning the civil war, was not totally to do with their access to more weapons and had more people on side. Of course this is quite a big factor to why they did win the war, but there also other factors such Trotsky’s leadership of the red army and the territory that they had control over and also similarly the great tactics they used to win their battles. The Bolsheviks did control much more people and did have bigger access to more weapons than the white army. This is a massive key factor to why the Bolsheviks had won the war because without the people that they controlled they would of not of been able to make all the weapons and the most essential things that they needed to win the war against the whites. So even though the whites had a bigger army, the Bolsheviks were able to win the war, because of all the support of the people they had control over and all the work they had done and the support they gave to the red army to lead them to victory. However the amount of arms they had and the amount of people they had control over may not be the leading factor to why they won the war. There are other factors such as the Bolsheviks had complete control over the trans-Siberian railway. This railway was the main line where all the supplies and goods came in and out of Russia so having control over this was a great advantage. They could also transport there troops really easily using this railway would mean they could save essential supplies such as food, which was a big advantage over the white army. The red army also had a very strong geological position, as they were stationed at the most populated and industrialised parts of Russia, such as Moscow and the capital Petrograd. Having control
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