How Far Do You Agree That the Impact of Ww1 Was Beneficial to the Economy and Society of the Usa?

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In 1914 when war broke out in Europe, President Wilson declared America’s “Neutral policy”. Which was widely supported by the American people; however, when America joined the war in 1916, both the economy and society experienced benefits as well as drawbacks. The American economy was in a strong state before the war broke out. Due to its neutrality, the USA continued trade with Europe despite the war. In 1913 the value of American trade was about $2 billion, but by 1916 it had risen to $6 billion. Due to the war new markets developed. The British navy blocked German food exports leaving America to experience a 300% rise in food exports. With the introduction of new markets came; reduced unemployment, new foreign investments and an increased reliance from Great Britain on US loans which were raised in New York. This meant the US became the world’s Creditor nation and the financial capital moved from London to New York. There were not many negative impacts on America’s economy due to WW1, in fact it pulled the country out of recession with a 44 month boom, from 1914 -18. Society’s benefits were that of the enfranchisement of women, however, this created a social divide and tension. Black soldiers returning did not only feel undervalued and did not receive the correct recognition for their contribution to the war but, they were not included in the enfranchisement and felt a further inequality which caused tensions. There would have been an obvious sorrow due to the lives lost, which could turn citizens against government and war possibly creating an overall negative affect. There were huge disparities in people’s war experiences, some would have had their business take off but after the war; some soldiers’ ranks were reduced leaving some displaced and unemployed. In terms of society, despite the grievances, it seems that there was an overall sense o well being
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