Beowulf Epic Hero Characteristics

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BEOWULF ESSAY: CHARACTERISTICS OF ARCHETYPAL HERO It is incredible how much people love heroes, it doesn’t matter the age, or gender. We just love heroes. Our generation is really into super heroes, those people with super powers like superman and his flying skills, or Spiderman and his spider sense. There’s another type of heroes such as Harry Potter, a “mud blood” wizard – and that I personally admire and I am so concerned about because as a kid I wanted to be a little wizard thanks to this book, and even though the movies missed several important parts of the book were really good -who kills Lord Voldemort, the most sadist - evil wizard that has ever existed. For our earlier generations – or I must say: the ancient generations - epic heroes were the protagonist of their stories, with their superhuman strength, intelligence, fighting skills, and courage, were claimed and appreciated by the crowds. An epic hero is different than our contemporary heroes. An epic hero cant fly, burn objects by just looking at them nor run at a supper speed; but, epic heroes like Beowulf are strong men, with no supper power at all that fight against evil (big and stronger enemies) letting us appreciate how brave epic heroes are. Beowulf is the perfect image of the archetypal epic hero in many ways such as performing brave deeds, he has superior or superhuman strength, and courage, and he risks death for glory or for the greater good of society. Beowulf, the prince of the Geats, show us by his actions a very important characteristic of the archetypal epic hero. Beowulf performs significant brave deeds in

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