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Leadership as Defined by Beowulf What defines a great leader? What constitutes a great king? The obvious qualities would include confidence, dedication, and intelligence, but what else? The poem Beowulf, a classic Anglo Saxon poem brings its own opinions about what defines a great leader. According to the poem, a great leader is one who thinks rationally, keeps his country at peace, takes care of his people, believes in God, has Divine kingship, and has good morals. This great leader is exemplified by none other than our epic protagonist and namesake of the poem: Beowulf himself. Beowulf is granted kingship of Geatland as a reward for defeating Grendel and his mother in two separate battles. Grendel was an evil demon who was terrorizing…show more content…
God’s approval of Beowulf as a leader is manifested throughout the poem by God’s helping hand. Grendel, a big demon monster was be defeated by an average-sized mortal Beowulf. Similarly, when Beowulf was battling the dragon a magical sword appeared out of nowhere that was able to penetrate the dragon. Once the battle was complete and the dragon was slain, a light appeared on Beowulf demonstrating God’s hand in the victory (2700). Beowulf knows that he has the divine right to be king from God and has no doubts of this. After Beowulf wins the battle with Grendel he didn’t just snatch the crown from the Hrothgar. Rather he waits until it was offered to him. He knows he deserves it, and once God makes that clear Beowulf accepts the position as…show more content…
Both Beowulf and King David had complete faith in God when they fought superior adversaries. Beowulf went unarmed to battle the savage demon Grendel. David went as a young boy with a slingshot to fight the powerful warrior Goliath. Both overcame their disadvantage in battle through their strong faith in God. Both kings were granted Divine kingship by God.After these famous battles, both kings and their newfound kingdoms lived through prolonged eras of peace and prosperity. Beowulf became a model king and David was granted permission by God to build the holy temple because he was a king of

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