Should Alexander The Great Be Considered 'The Great'?

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Should Alexander The Great Be Considered “The Great”? Ubaid Thoophany 5/11/15 Alexander the great should be considered the great because of all the great things he did. He made his kingdom overpowered, and built a name for himself and his people, which is a very brave and hard thing to do. First off, he ruled his kingdom Macedonia, well and helped it by making the right choices for his empire. Also, he fought in many wars with such bravery to prove himself worthy and determined to be known as “The Great”. Finally, the impact and effect he left on his kingdom and he people of his kingdom after the death of Alexander The Great. Here are how alexander was and still should be considered The Great. Macedonia, the kingdom that alexander had power to had that time where it was once weak. Alexander The Great took over the kingdom and raised it to become one of the most powerful empires which wasn’t easy. He did all he could with all his power and effort to show that he was worth being called the great. Many people such as Plutarch and Arrian, said how alexander was a hard worker and how he put endless effort to win and become the greatest. He fought for his empire and won and was so overpowered compared to other governments who…show more content…
Alexander The Great, fought in wars for his power rights and his empire, Macedonia. He fought for many ages showing how powerful and brave he was when he never gave up and fought on the wars that he did. Arrian, another historian who also knew Alexander says, “Whilst In war with Alexander, I saw how he made endless pushes to the enemy to win and to not give up. When he later died, I then took place of being captain from the great Alexander.” This is showing Arrians view on the wars that he and alexander The Great fought in. Alexander was very determined and brave enough to fight in those wars that he had won as

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