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Alexander the Great Alexander the Great was not always known by this title. He earned his title after remarkable demonstrations of his military genius, political shrewdness, and cultural visions. Many thought his family to be descendents of Hercules. Alexander often thought him as his personal hero. During his youth, Alexander had tamed a wild horse named Bucephalus which he loved very dearly. Later when his horse died Alexander named a city in India after his name. His achievements in government and conquests transformed him into a legendary figure and worldwide influence in subsequent ages. He unified most of the ancient civilized world, creating a mighty empire. The vision and determination in making this possible was in him for most…show more content…
He spent the year 335 subduing restive people to the north and west of Macedonia, and crushing an Athenian-endorsed uprising at Thebes. Now mistrusting the Athenians, Alexander the Great declined to employ their fleet against Persia. He crossed the Hellespont into Asia Minor with his substantial army of thirty-five thousand Macedonians and Greeks overwhelming the Persian army and gaining enough spoils to restore the meager Macedonian treasury. The key to Alexander’s success there was timing, and one of his great abilities was knowing when and where to strike defensively. Then, he would pursue the retreating enemy, who more often than not, could not regroup after Alexander’s strikes. His tactical skills triumphed almost immediately when he met and conquered a Persian army at the river…show more content…
At one point, Alexander also pronounced himself as a god. In 323, he became very ill and died ten days later; Alexander the Great was thirty-three years old. Alexander’s influence on culture had a tremendous effect. He spread Greek culture through Hellenistic culture. Which was a combination of Greek and traditional cultures. He did this by building many of his cities with the name Alexandria. Intermarriage within the conquered peoples as well as philosophy, literature, art and history made a huge impact on the eastern world and the Greeks. At the age of thirty- three Alexander the Great was one of the most successful generals in history. He was able to obtain victory with skillful tactics, flexibility, a keen sense of logistics, and superior leadership. He led an excellent army under his leadership. His personality and vision made him a firm, dynamic and a political rule. Once Alexander the Great passed from the scene, however, the system could not be continued. Nevertheless, his example of continental empire contributed to the eventual rise of the Roman

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