Conquest of Empire: Reign of Alexander the Great

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Conquest and Empire: The Reign of Alexander the Great I have chosen to write on the legendary historical leader and military tactician, Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was the son of the King Philip II, who was the ruler of the Macedonian Empire around 359-336 B.C. Philip II was assassinated by the captain of his own body guards during a party at his palace. Alexander was the heir to the throne, and was proclaimed King by the Macedon nobles and the Army. This marks the beginning of the reign of Alexander the Great, and the expansion of his empire. News of Philip's death caused many states to revolt such as Thebes, Athens, Thessaly and the tribes to the north of Macedon. When news of the revolt reached Alexander he responded quickly. His advisers advised him to use diplomacy; Alexander called upon the Macedonian cavalry of 3,000 men and rode south towards Thessaly. When he found the Thessalonian army occupying the pass between Mount Olympus and Mount Ossa, he had the men ride through Mount Ossa and, when the Thessalonians awoke, they found Alexander had surrounded them. The Thessalonians surrendered that morning. In 335 B.C, Alexander and his army crossed into Asia. Alexander made huge progress in his first few months moving forward simply because the Persian King, Darius, didn’t take Alexander seriously and refused to confront him. Alexander continued to march onwards. Soon however, Darius started to feel threatened by Alexander’s approaching army, so he sent his own out to confront him. The two armies met on the banks of the Granicus River. Alexander used the banks to his advantage; the Persians couldn’t use their deadly chariots in the thick mud of the river bank, which hurt them dearly. Alexander turned out to be the better commander, and he defeated the Persians with superior military strategy. With the Persian army defeated, he could now push

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