Who Is Alexander The Great A Hero

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AC0405999 HS150 World Civilization Assignment 2_02 March 1, 2012 Alexander the Great Alexander is one of the most interesting personalities that have existed in human history. Even though he was the son of a king and inherited an empire that included most of the Greek city-states, Alexander's conquests are what made him admired, and studied by generations for years to come. The following paragraphs will briefly explain his life, the conquests he took and the legacy he left at his empire. Through years of studying, so many stories have been told and retold about Alexander the Great and his accomplishments that he has started to seem like a fictional character in the Greek world rather than a real human being. Those who knew him spoke proudly of him saying that he would have been proud to have been known as a Greek hero because that was his goal. As a child, Alexander always looked up to Homer’s Iliad, a character of Achilles. He was a…show more content…
Instead of trying to pull out the knot, he sliced through the thing with his sword rather than fool around it. A legend supposedly foretold that whoever solved this puzzle would rule all of Asia. Alexander then moved on to conquer and destroy Tyre, Palestine, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. His greatest accomplishment came when he defeated the Persian Empire which was a Empire his father never succeeded in. Alexander and his Macedonian war machine soldiers founded about 70 cities in the lands he conquered. Alexander and his army travelled thousands and thousands of miles conquering city after city. Most of his army actually walked these miles when many felt Alexander could have sailed his route much easier. The Macedonian empire didn’t survive long after Alexander died. After his death, his generals carved the kingdom into three pieces which brought amongst more peace and freedom to the Macedonian
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