Hektor And Achilles Comparison

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J. Cutler Beowulf, Hektor, and Achilles are all example of hero's of their time period. Each one of them exhibit the traits of a hero, courage, strength, skill, determination, and honor. To be an epic hero, you must achieve some great feet or quest and become the legend of your time. Each hero took part in an epic battle, even though they share the same traits their all different. The great Achaean warrior Achilles posses all the traits of hero, “valor”, strength, skill, and a quest. Achilles quest is what sets him apart, for its not like most heros, who fight for glory, riches, honor or to protect. He is fueled by rage and hatred and only seeks vengeance. It is this rage that causes Achilles to disregard Hektors plea to return his body “No more entreating of me, you dog, by knees or parents”. This vengeance is for his dear friend Patroklos, who Hektor killed.…show more content…
Out of all the heroes, Hektor seem the most human, he admits his cowardice “I fled three times...”. Even though he feared Achilles, he stood with courage to protect his city and loved ones out of honor and love. Hektor believes in the gods and tries to give respect to his enemy Achilles “I will give your corpse back to the Achaeans”. He kept fighting even though he knew when the gods abandoned, him that he was doomed to die to this day. Beowulf, the Geatish warrior is slayer off the monstrous beast Grendel. Beowulf wields supernatural strength, he's quick, cunning and equal. Beowulf believes in fighting on equal terms as his opponent “so it won't be a cutting edge I wield”. This is something the other heroes didn’t demonstrate. He is fearless attacking Grendel without hesitation, he is the only man capable of afflicting damage to the beast. After deafeating the beast he takes his leave, not seeking praise or riches; just fulfilling his father's favor to the

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