Achillies vs Odysseus

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Achilles V.S. Odysseus Achilles represents skills and the greatest of courage. The only thing that stops him from becoming the best and the perfect warrior or hero is his crazy, sometimes uncontrollable anger that he has. In the movie Troy Achilles shows his skills off by effortlessly killing every man that stands in his way with a sword or knife. The thought was Achilles could not be killed. Another example of Achilles strength and anger would be when he was commenced to fight Hector, who was one of the prince’s of Troy and leader of the Trojan War. After the fight Achilles tied Hector to his horse and dragged him along until he reached his campsite just before the Trojan gates. Achilles is not all bad when the King of Troy, Priam came and asked for the body of his freshly dead son, Achilles showed remorse and respect and allotted twelve days for the people of Troy to have a proper funeral for their beloved warrior and Prince, Hector. Achilles also has a stubbornness to him which makes him defy all the gods. He does not care that he is disrespecting them. For example Achilles disobeys Apollo by chopping the golden statue of Apollo and screams at him asking him what now? Unlike Achilles Odysseus uses his brainstorming skills and strategic planning in his efforts in the Trojan War and on his trip from the book the Odyssey. Odysseus has an intelligent mind and an exceptional amount of bravery. Odysseus brain was a part of what got him through the Trojan War and the epic Odyssey Trip. Odysseus seems to have it all together but he has one characteristic that holds him back, his pride. His pride caused him upset one of the Gods Poseidon. Odysseus boasted about how he won the Trojan War all by himself, without any help from the gods. Poseidon did not like what he heard so he was going to make Odysseus suffer for denying all the Gods. Poseidon took him too many places.

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