Homer's The Odyssey: An Epic Hero

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Period 4th The Odyssey Fighting off those who merely want you dead, being with men you don’t know if you can trust, not being with the one you love wondering if she misses you too, and reaching the end, just wanting to give up, but does he? In the Epic Poem The Odyssey, by Homer and translated by Robert Fitzgerald. Odysseus is an epic hero, whom went on an adventure, and was gone for 20 years away from his family, and wife. He is a hero because he fought and never gave up, not only did he use physical ability, but he also outsmarted everyone as well. Odysseus is a hero based on his actions, cleverness, and the heroic things he did to keep his men alive. He is more heroic in the first half then the second half, when he fights off the Cyclops,…show more content…
When the Cyclops ask Odysseus replies saying on page 1118 “ My name is Nohbdy(nobody) , mother, father, and friends call me Nohbdy.” This quote shows that Odysseus is very clever, knowing that when he blinded the Cyclops, he was say Nohbdy did it. He is also heroic when he makes Circe think that her spell will work on him, even though, after the God told him to eat the grass then there was no way for it work, on page 1120 he says “ the enchantress desired me and detained me in her hall, but in my heart I never gave consent.” This explains that though everyone has fallen for her tricks Odysseus didn’t because of the magic that the God put on him. What makes Odysseus strong though is that he didn’t know if that grass was honestly going to help him and he still went to her hall and denied her after she fed them. This is also Cleverness as well. These quotes show that Odysseus will doing anything to protect him and his…show more content…
While Telemachus is going to take the throne. All the while this is hard for Odysseus because he has to trust his wife to be faithful. For example on page 1104 “While he fought only to save his life, and bring his shipmates home.” This states that all Odysseus cared about is getting his shipmates home, that he will pull through anything in order for that to happen. As opposed to “The Home Coming” it starts with book 16 the title is Father and Son, the Beginning of this seems so calm, in this book King Aleinous and his friends send Odysseus home. Athena tells him he is home, and they make him look like an old man for now so no one will ask questions. Telemachus also returns and everyone founds on his return for example on page 1144 “light up my days Telemachus, you made it back, when you took ship for Pylos I never thought I would see you here again.” This explains that Telemachus hoping that Odysseus is gone trying to take his place, until he changes from old man back to Odysseus. Telemachus doesn’t believe that Odysseus is his father. The Wondering has more of action part and The Home Coming is more of the welcoming back the only action is when he fights off the suitors. In conclusion, Odysseus is a hero because of his cleverness, strength, and good will.

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