Odysseus Heroic Qualities

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Odysseus’s True Heroic Qualities In what are the true qualities of a hero? In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus, the great warrior must overcome many challenges to return home to Ithaca after an absence of twenty years. Despite acting with extreme arrogance Odysseus demonstrates more heroic qualities than qualities of a villain because of his loyalty and bravery to achieve his goal. Odysseus demonstrates his bold behavior multiple times on his journey home. He arrives to the Trojan War, He goes into the battle with his men knowing some will die. He also demonstrates bravery when he and his son Telemachus fight the suitors. They are greatly outnumbered but they still slaughter each and every one of the suitors. “Every shot brought down a man in his horse; there, one by one, they fell” The quote was saying every time they shot an arrow a suitor was killed. They killed over One-Hundred suitors. That took an enormous amount of bravery. Odysseus remains loyal to his wife on his twenty year journy back to Ithica . On thier journy a woman named Circe put a spell on his men. The spell turned them all into boar. Circe will not change them back unless Odysseus has sex with her. Odysseus said "How dear you tell me to treat you with warmth? You who turned my men to swine in your house now you hold me here as well - teeming me with treachery you lure me to your room to mount your bed". He doesnt want to sleep with her because he has a wife . He does it only to save his men. It would be unloyal if he left them as they were. Odysseus's extreme pride and arrogance caused a lot of trouble for him many times in the book. Odysseus and his men end up trapped in the Cyclopse cave for a long time. After days of being stuck in the cave they escape by blinding the Cyclopse. He could have avoided losing so many men if he did not stop there.

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