Is Odysseus a Good Leader

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Is Odysseus a good leader? Some people may say he is and some may say he isn’t. Many people may agree that Odysseus is a good leader because he is brave and he has a lot of motivation. Odysseus is a good leader because he is brave. An example of this is when Odysseus thinks that his plan to escape the Cyclops would actually work. First, he came up with a plan with his men. Second, he go the Cyclops drunk. Third, he and his men waited for the Cyclops to fall asleep. Fourth, they stabbed him in the eye with a gigantic sharp stick. Fifth, Odysseus being the smart man he is told the Cyclops that his name was “Nobodhy” so he wouldn’t know his real identity. Now how smart is that? He’s also being brave since he is trusting Circe coming up with a plan that may not even work. Another example shown in “The Odyssey” is Odysseus trusting the herdsmen with his secret saying that he was Odysseus and that he’s is finally back home. Odysseus and his men were finally almost home back to Ithaca. At the time Odysseus has been up for day with no sleep at all. His men finally distracted him and he fell asleep. The next Tim he woke up he was on the shore of Ithaca, but he didn't know where he was at first until he saw somebody he knew. Athena had helped disguise himself as an old bigger so nobody recognize him. Odysseus is a good leader because he is brave, trusting people with secrets and coming up with risky plans. Odysseus is a good leader because he has a lot of motivation. There are many different things that he and his men are very motivational about everything throughout their very long journey. He and his men have great motivation about making it back home to Ithaca. Even though Odysseus and his men have been through many obstacles but during all of them Odysseus was still motivated to make it back home. He had great motivation to save his men and help out his men

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