Odysseus As A Hero In Homer's 'Epic Of Gilgamesh'

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Spring 2014 Section 27 February 14, 2014 Reading Exam 1 Section A, Question 4: The Epic of Gilgamesh is a poem and the author of this poem is unknown. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh and Enkidu go on a journey to achieve honor. Being a hero can mean different things to different people. A hero in main terms is someone who is admired for courage, outstanding achievement or noble qualities (dictionary.com). Through their journey they display heroic actions a few times. For both Gilgamesh and Enkidu, one heroic action they both show is when they decide to go on this journey in the first place. Gilgamesh suggest it to Enkidu. It starts off like this: “Gilgamesh made ready to speak, saying to Enkidu: 'There's dwell in the forest…show more content…
I believe Odysseus is an ideal hero for the Greek audience by his strength, courage, bravery and intelligence. Odysseus was good at a lot of things. His main Arete to me is his intelligence/ Throughout the Epic, he is forced with many challenges and how he overcomes them is what makes him a hero to…show more content…
Instead of being rude to her, he politely says, “and you are a goddess, eternally young. Still, I want to go back. My heart aches for the day I return home. If some god hits me hard as I sail the deep purple, I'll weather it like the sea bitten veteran I am.”(235) It says that as beautiful as she is (complementing her will make her happy and easier for him to let him go) he will go through what he must to make it home. Another way Odysseus shows his Arete is when he returns home. Any other man would of stormed in mad as anything and tried to take all the suitors which would of lead to his death. Odysseus takes another route. He pretends to be an old beggar, “Soon after, Odysseus came in looking like an old, broken-down beggar, leaning on a staff and dressed in miserable rags.”(379) As he pretends to be this beggar, he comes up with a way for him, his son and the swineherd to defeat the suitors. It says this in the book, “So Odysseus was left alone in the hall, planning death for the suitors with Athena's aid.”

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